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October 8, 2018

From Egypt: Egypt Regulates Road Transport Services Using Information Technology

Source: Marina Iskander, Andersen Tax & Legal in Egypt, a member firm of Andersen Global

Earlier this year in Egypt, 42 Egyptian taxi drivers filed a lawsuit in the administrative court against both Uber and Careem, claiming that they were only registered as internet companies and should hence not be allowed to operate. In turn, the court ordered the government to suspend the operations of the two companies. However, the government, along with Uber, appealed before the Highest Administrative Court. Meanwhile, the government sent parliament a draft law for the regulation of web-based transport services.

The law has been duly discussed by experts in the telecommunications and transport sectors and it was finally passed in May 2018. The law, commonly known as the Uber and Careem Law, consists of 19 articles, as well as four preambles. The preambles make it clear that the law aims to allow such services by regulating them in a way that does not harm service providers and protects consumers.

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